A strong silhouette
A Cossack practices tricks on his horse in the Rostov region near Russia’s border with Ukraine in 2010.  Misha Maslennikov, Moscow

SPOEK MATHAMBO - CONTROL from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

Resurfacing a favorite: Spoek Mathambo’s Control, shot by the fantastic South African documentary photographer, Pieter Hugo

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Finding a home. 
Richard Olsenius | Wyoming, 1993 
Jonathan Williams | Polaroid photo of cat in window
E.E. Cummings
Memphis artists — Memphis people — have a certain soul. Because we have such a deep and rich music history here. It’s a lot of children of old band members, and ‘My daddy used to play the guitar for such-and-such,’ and ‘My uncle was a background singer for Elvis,’ and ‘My cousin played drums for B.B. King.’ This one of them towns where every other two or three people can probably sing or play an instrument just as good as anybody you’ll see on TV, but they work a regular job. MJG, from Eightball, MJG and Memphis Rap 20 years on
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Luis Marden | Texas, 1939
Dressed in her best rodeo outfit, a cowgirl hitches her pony by dropping a nickel into an El Paso parking meter.
Arthur Leipzig | Boy on Backstop, Houma, Louisiana (1954)